What Now?

What Now? 2019-06-17T14:20:29+00:00

For those with an ABI and their families, life may need to be reinvented, reinterpreted and accepted as something very different.

  • Rehabilitation, ‘to restore someone back to health with training and therapy’(The Oxford English Dictionary). The sheer complexity of the brain means the process of restoring health following injury is rarely simple, with ABI, recovery can go on for many years and some are affected by their ABI for the rest of their lives.

  • There are few specialist adult services in place and the main facilities that offer care and social opportunities in a safe environment tend to be the hospice movement or nursing/care homes/day care and community centres, offer restricted access, places are often time limited and cater mainly for a physical or learning disability.

  • Those with an ABI are often inappropriately placed in these settings and any prior recovery is lost due to the lack of relevant support to maintain rehabilitation and recovery gains, potentially resulting in lost or wasted resources.

We believe that those living with an acquired brain injury would benefit greatly from having access to a managed facility where they can attend daily or on an ad hoc basis. They will be engaged, feel valued, encouraged to contribute to life through being involved, taking on challenges, volunteering and meeting other adults who find themselves in a similar situation.

BrainFartz Limited will work tirelessly to secure funding to establish, maintain and manage such a facility for adults affected by an acquired brain injury to access.