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A huge part of an individual’s recovery is to restore and maintain their physical and psychological wellbeing. The environment and all the activities at the Brainfartz centres will be specifically designed with this in mind.

The first Brainfartz centre will be in Yorkshire and will be owned and run by Brainfartz Limited. The centre will be specific to the needs of those affected by an ABI who require a solid foundation and routine to enhance their daily life.

The centre will be a safe, understanding and friendly place where Individual users will be able to attend daily or on an ad hoc basis, they will attend with their carer, friend or family member if required or without support if they are able to take care of their own personal needs where appropriate.

Outline of Centre Facilities

The centre will:

  • Offer a modern and well equipped facility for those affected by an ABI, to relax, socialise and recover in an airy spacious and non clinical environment.

  • Offer multi-functional spaces and well appointed communal areas.

  • Person centred with no specified time limit on attending – freedom to attend as often as the individual wishes/requires, enabling access to short, medium and long term support and opportunities.

  • Offer an environment which enables rather than disables people and which helps them to be as independent as possible.

  • Offer a safe understanding and friendly environment to visit, giving something else to do other than watching television or shopping “(a couple of common complaints)”.

  • Provide statutory and regulatory care (1st Aid, Fire Safety etc.), however, individual care and specialised support will not be provided by the centre, individuals will provide their own normal level of care.

  • Be an accredited training centre with the relevant governing bodies.

  • Be easily accessible by private and public transport and will have ample parking.

  • Generate income through the delivery of training, running a cafe and hiring space and facilities to external groups.

Specialist support

Finding support from the right organisation is a difficult and time consuming process, Brainfartz will simplify that process and provide clear signposting as appropriate.
  • Brainfartz will not duplicate information that is already available but provide a joined up hub for support to those affected by an ABI through signposting and contacts with other organisations, for example: Headway, BTRS, Encephalitis society…

Brainfartz will channel pathways with other neurological charities and specialist organisations within the field of neurology that over the years have developed techniques and resources to support those affected by an ABI. By signposting and working together we can share the body of expertise.

Public Benefit

Participation in varying recreational, vocational, sporting and challenging physical activities, are extremely beneficial, not only for physical rehabilitation but also for, confidence, self-esteem, mental health, social participation and general wellbeing.

The impact of an ABI can vary dramatically from person to person, therefore the type of benefit and amount of benefit received will be dependent on individual circumstances and consequences. Ultimately using the centre will;

  • Empower and inspire individuals to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, enabling them to push their own boundaries to reach their full potential.

  • Broaden social awareness.

  • Access to quality rehabilitation, recovery, education and a diverse range of opportunities.

  • Develop confidence and skills to educate the individual to find solutions that are right for them.

  • Promote personal development by engaging in a range of activities, including sport and the arts.

  • Offer Individual development through education and challenge, both mental and physical.

  • Encourage individual expression through different mediums.

  • Provide volunteering and employment opportunities in a safe environment, where they will feel valued, have some independence and be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Everyone affected by an ABI is different so to have expectations of the same outcomes for everyone puts barriers up.